Skull & Shackles

Welcome Aboard the Wormwood!
Day 0

Awaking with a splitting migraine and a vague memory of last night’s revels, you found yourselves on a hard floor, swaying side to side.

You vaguely recalled being in Port Peril, at a tavern, drinking and enjoying yourselves. You remember spiced rum or seasoned meat – the perfect chance for oil of taggit poisoning to knock you out.

Just as you gathered that you must be on a ship, the door burst open and a bright light pierced the darkness, blinding you for a very brief moment. In stepped Master Scourge, with a single direction – get upstairs. Reasonably, Raul fired off a burst of color spray at him.

The battle did not last long. Three of you – including Grim, who was trying haphazardly to comply by going upstairs, were knocked out by the pirates’ saps. Only two – Amara and Phaedra – surrendered.

On the main deck, Captain Barnabas Harrigan teaches you that on this ship there is one rule – don’t talk to the captain.

With the sun over the yardarm, you were assigned duties by the ship’s mate, Mr. Plugg, a balding man with a cat-o’-nine-tails. Amara was assigned the job of working with Ambrose Kroop, the Ship’s Cook, and Phaedra was set as rigger. The rest, yet to show any expertise, were assigned as swabs.


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